Dr S. Perretta is an upper gastro-intestinal surgeon, Chief of Foregut and advanced Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Division. She also serves as Vice President of Ircad France and Director of IHU education. Her fields of interest are upper gastro-intestinal surgery, gastro-intestinal physiology, bariatric surgery, interventional endoscopy, surgical education and innovation. More recently she has advocated for surgeons performing interventional endoscopy in Europe. Dr Perretta has been a pioneer in the development of NOTES and has been actively developing endoscopic platforms and flexible robotics.. She authored 129 peer-reviewed publications, has given over hundreds of lectures in MIS, surgical innovation and education and she holds a total of 9 patents. Dr. Perretta was the 2020 SAGES STORZ lecturer and was named Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour on January 1, 2021.